Disabled American Veterans Dinner of Gratitude

The Diane J. and Robert A. McDonald Family Foundation was recently recognized by the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) at their Dinner of Gratitude on September 27, 2021 for being a “champion for veterans and DAV’s mission.”  The McDonald family, led by past Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Robert A. McDonald, helped raise money for DAV’s new national headquarters in Erlanger, Kentucky, south of Cincinnati, Ohio and contributed a gift from the foundation.  Also, the foundation helped work to organize a benefit concert of patriotic music in Cincinnati’s Music Hall of the renowned Cincinnati Pops Orchestra led by Maestro John Morris Russell with performances by Melinda Doolittle and the West Point Glee Club.  The Secretary’s son, an attorney for Taft Law in Cincinnati, is serves as the Chair of the Board of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

DAV Gala

About The Disabled American Veterans

DAV Gala 2

DAV was started in Cincinnati, Ohio by Cincinnati Judge Robert S. Marx in 1920.  Judge Marx had served in World War I as an Army Captain.  He received the Distinguished Service Cross for his gallantry.  He recognized the country was ill-equipped to provide the medical care and services the more than 200,000 injured and ill returning veterans needed and earned.  DAV has been fighting for America’s four million disabled veterans ever since.

P&G Supports the Disabled American Veterans

P&G Supports Veterans

I was so grateful for the support of The Procter & Gamble Company and its Veterans for the DAV event.  Here’s a picture of the P&G contingent and me.

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